Welcome to the EWB-USU Forum!

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Welcome to the EWB-USU Forum!

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 23, 2007 1:54 pm

Welcome to the EWB-USU Forum. This forum is designed to help EWB-USU members stay in touch with each other and to plan upcoming events. The forum is also open to anyone who has an interest in EWB-USU activities.

How to join the EWB-USU Forum as a member.
As a member, you can participate in active discussion in all of the forums available. Members will be able to post, reply, and add whatever they want to any of the forum topics. Members will also be able to join in the active chat if they desire. In order to become a member, follow these steps:

1. Select Register located below the USU-EWB banner.
2. Read the Forum's Terms of Service. Once you are finished reading and agree with the rules regarding the forum, then select I Agree to these terms.
3. Enter a Username, E-mail Address, and Password for the forum. The Username will be your sign in name as well as your forum name when posting or replying to topics.
4. Confirm your password.
5. Your forum account will be created. You will need to go to your e-mail account to activate your forum account. This step is required to reduce automatic spam programs on our forum.

How to join the EWB-USU Forum as a guest.
When you first come to the EWB-USU forum, you are automatically a guest. You remain a guest until you register as a member. As a guest, you will be able to view all forum topics and discussion, but you will only be able to post to the General Discussion Forum. When you try to use the Add or Reply features in the General Discussion Forum, you will be asked to enter a temporary username and to enter a Confirmation Code. The Confirmation Code reduces automatic spam programs on our forum.

Guidelines to Follow
The EWB-USU forum is hosted through the forumotion.com. As part of forumotion.com, we have been asked to follow a number of guidelines. These guidelines are also covered under Register when you apply to become a member.
1. Keep all conversations respectful.
2. Avoid the use of aggressive or slanderous messages.
3. Avoid the use of messages that promote illegal practices.
4. If posting information from another website, please verify that the information isn't forbidden. Also, link the address of the site.

Final Thoughts
If you have any problems or concerns, then please contact the administrator or moderators. To contact the administrator or moderators concerning an issue, follow these directions:
1. Select Memberlist from the navigation bar. The navigation bar is located below the EWB-USU banner.
2. Locate the Username column and look for Administrator or Moderators.
3. Select their username. A profile will be displayed with information about the administrator or moderator.
4. You can contact the administrator or moderator by selecting the email or private message button.


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